125th Annual General Meeting of the MCCCI

Today members of the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry held an Annual General Meeting in Blantyre, where members were re-assured that the confederation will forever aspire to empower members, as well as inspire transformation of all those it serves for the better and true to its tagline, The Voice of the Private Sector.

In his 2018 report, MCCCI President Prince Kapondamgaga said in the year gone by, MCCCI had almost single handedly prevented a 60 percent major tariff hike by ESCOM to 31.8, which could have escalated electricity tariffs by 33 percent.

He said: “We regard it an illusion when Government pronounces that it is committed to industrial development of this country, whilst industrial companies continue to be heavily penalised for choosing to invest in this country through exaggerated tariff rates that subsidise non-developmental consumers”

Turning to membership, he said MCCCI would like to see a more inclusive membership through the introduction of a new category called Star to cater for the needs of micro and small scale enterprises and cooperatives.