Exporters to the EU migrates to REX self-certifying system

Exporters to the European Union (EU), Norway and Switzerland will effective 1st January 2019 migrate to the electronic self-certifying of exports called Registered Exporters System (REX) This means that the GSP Certificate of Origin, form A, will cease to be accepted for exporters to the EU. Malawi set 1st January 2019 as a date for transition to migrate to the REX system which is expected to be completed on June 30, 2019. Exporters will be required to register under REX to acquire a REX registration number to use for self-certifying their exports. Exporters are encouraged to complete the online REX pre-application by following the link https://customs.ec.europa.eu/rex-pa-ui/#/create-preapplication/. Once the Online form is completed, exporters are requested to print a copy and submit to the Competent Authority (CA), Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Export division who will assign them REX Registration number. Exporters are advised to use MW followed by Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN) for the TIN to read MWTPIN e.g. MW20120565. Contact MCCCI if you encounter problems.